Venom off to good start


The Seaway Valley Venom have recently begun organized practices for their upcoming season.  So far they have had two practices and according to Head Coach Elijah Winfrey things are off to a good start, “I see a lot of potential on this roster and its exciting to get the kind of the turnout that we have had.  Our first practice we had about 20 players and last week we had 19 .  The hope is obviously that we will continue to grow !  My personal goal is to have 80-100% of our players at every practice .  Right now we are right around 70% participation. ”

The Venom currently have a roster that features 26 players and according to Coach Winfrey a lot of them are local.  “It’s really refreshing to see so many local athletes coming out to play for the Venom this time around.  That was one of questions we had as an organization coming into this year was what was the turnout going to be like. ”

When asked if there was any particular player he was excited to see this season Coach Winfrey responded, “It may sound cliché but I’m really excited to see all of them perform .  It’s still very early on but things are looking up. ”

When asked when the first depth chart would be coming out Coach Winfrey said, “I think the first depth chart will be coming out in March. I want to give these guys time to compete before just assigning a position to someone.  Plus by march I would expect that the players who are still here are the committed ones. ”

This week is a big week for the Venom because they will find out whether or not they have been accepted into the Empire Football League When asked his thoughts on that topic Winfrey said ,”I’m very excited to find out.  This league has a very prestigious background and our team is honored to be considered for membership .  I cant wait to find out what happens this weekend.  ”  According to reports from inside the Venom there are also big announcements coming provided that they are accepted into the Empire Football League.

For all things Seaway Valley Venom keep your eyes glued to the team’s official Facebook page and the official team website.


Venom Hire Head Of Marketing


Danielle Patnode

The Seaway Valley Venom have hired Danielle Patnode as the Team’s Head of Marketing. In this position Danielle will be assisting Team Treasurer Casondra Arquitte plan and execute fund raisers as well as help keep the team’s social media accounts up to date. She will also be in charge of helping make the Seaway Valley Venom brand reach new heights. Team President Elijah Winfrey has released the following statement :
“Danielle in the short time that I have known her has embraced the Seaway Valley Venom. We are excited to have some one of her caliber on our staff so that our brand will be marketed by someone who truly understands what we are trying to do here. I look forward to seeing what Danielle, Marlene, and Casondra are able to do moving forward to help make the Seaway Valley Venom one of the best franchises in all of New York State. ”

Venom Hire Head Of Promotions




The Seaway Valley Venom would like to officially announce the Hire of Marlene Weller as our Head Of Promotions. In this role Marlene will be tasked with coming up & executing with exciting giveaways/raffles for our fans. She will also organize our Home game halftime shows , provided have halftime show sponsors, for our fans to enjoy. Mrs,Weller will also accept the tickets at Home games.

Along with that she will also be one of two people who will help Team Treasurer Casondra Arquitte come up with and execute fund raisers. Mrs.Weller will report directly to Casondra Arquitte.

The Venom are very excited about this hire and cant wait to see what happens next! We expect a few more hires to be coming in over the next couple of days !

Venom Hire GM


Denise weller


The Seaway Valley Venom Football Franchise would like to officially announce the hiring of Denise Weller as the team’s General Manager. Mrs.Weller will be responsible for finding and overseeing the following people: Director Of Player Personnel Jessica Hitsman, Team Scout, Head Of Media, and the Team Statistician. She will also be responsible for finding and signing new players for the Seaway Valley Venom. She will report to Team President Elijah Winfrey and he will report to Team Owner Joe McDonald.

Team President/Head Coach Elijah Winfrey released the following statement ,

“ When we began our general manager search back in October we wanted to hire someone who has highly motivated, organized, a people person, and someone with a love for the sport. I am happy to announce that Denise Weller fits all those categories for us and after speaking with her in depth I couldn’t imagine a better candidate for this position. I have a feeling that provided things go well in the next couple of years we will have teams calling us to try to acquire her services. At that point we will need to make sure to do whatever possible to keep her with the Venom. Needless to say I , as well as the rest of our upper management , have high hopes for Denise. “

CKON To Live Broadcast From Pancake Breakfast


ckon logo

The Seaway Valley Venom are proud to announce that local Radio Station CKON will be doing a live broadcast from our pancake breakfast this Saturday from 9am-10am! So come on down and support YOUR seaway Valley Venom! Pancake Breakfast starts at 8am and runs till noon! $5.00 per person & Children 5-under get in free!

Venom Hire Strength and Conditioning Coach




The Seaway Valley Venom would like to announce that Vinny Vari, Of Massena, has just become the official Strength and conditioning coach for the Seaway Valley Venom. Mr. Vari is pictured with Team Owner Joe Mcdonald. Mr. Vari Is the proud owner of Massena’s Gold’s Gym located in downtown Massena! Welcome to the Venom Vinny! Mr. Vari has competed in multiple weight lifting competitions and has over 30 years of experience to offer!


The Venom Choose the EFL!



Empire Football League Logo

The Seaway Valley Venom Football Franchise has officially announced that they have applied for membership into the Empire Football League. This comes after carefully reviewing their choices for the upcoming season .

“When we sat down and looked at our goals for this season it matched up quite well with what the EFL offers its member teams. We want the best league for our players and we feel like the EFL is that . ” -Team President Elijah Winfrey .

The Commissioner Of The Empire Football League Dave Burch has issued the following statement on behalf of the League :

“The EFL has been in existence since 1969 and boasts as members some of the oldest SemiPro/Minoor League Football Teams in America. Such as the Watertown Red & Black, Glens Falls Greenjackets and Glove Cities Colonials. We pride ourselves with consistency and adherence to agreed to processes. As a result, we have very few turnover of teams, forfeits, etc. that other leagues are subjected to.

We have a solid group of owners that lookout for and respect one another as business owners. These team owners have accepted their role regarding operation of the league and look to the officers as facilitators of all agreements made during their annual meeting such as by laws, schedule and officiating.

After several discussions with the Seaway Valley Venom, I am very confident that they will be a good fit for the EFL because they’ve done their homework. They have taken lessons learned from previous attempts at football in the Potsdam area and have put together a solid execution plan for a success. They have a lot of positive energy .

I have had very positive interactions with the management of the Seaway Valley Venom and am quite satisfied that they are in this initiative for all of the right reasons; to provide an opportunity for adult amateur football in their area. They are making sure that the proper resources are in place to ensure their success as a solid EFL franchise. ”

The Venom this season will be playing against such teams as the Watertown Red and Black , Plattsburgh North Stars, and the Glens Falls Greenjackets just to name a few.